- mi-destino.net - home of Misty Flores

- Welcome to one of the many homes of Misty Flores. Misty does indeed have a livejournal. If you're interested in that at all, you can visit the livejournal directly. Currently it's not friendslocked, thought that might change.

While Misty is currently in 'fandom retirement', she does indeed slip, like any addict really, and if that is the case, that's where she'll let you know.

And she's talking about herself in the third person. That's kinda freaky.

Each domain start page is basically the same, with different pretty people, but here's what you'll find: 

Sites Owned: What site, Where, and Why.

Sites Hosted: What Site, Who, and Where

Fanlistings: Always the worst of me. I really need to join some.